Vision Statement

The American Center of Science and Technology will be a fully interactive center innovation; to explore the past, discover the present, and create the future. This world class facility will inspire and spark the imagination of all ages. Every visitor will receive inspiration and be struck with awe. It will enhance cultural and educational opportunities; cultivate the talents and interests of all generations, while transforming all generations into the bright stars of the future.

Mission Statement

We invite you to participate in a philanthropic endeavor which will enhance our community locally, regionally and nationally: This unique opportunity to invest in our community will promote local business, create tourism and increase jobs while contributing to the betterment of our future. It is sure to help the Hudson Valley region to establish a community identity that is grounded in the ecology, history and culture of the region.

We propose to develop a 140,000 square foot ‘state-of-the-art’ facility located in the heart of NYS’s Hudson Valley. This facility will be brimming with creative, innovative, hands-on opportunities which will enhance the educational experience for all ages. Below are some of the main areas of interest we propose to develop.

Feature Statements

Main features:

  • Educational Enhancement
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Wonders of Science Traveling show (Existing)
  • Technology – interactive experiences.
  • HV History & Cultural exhibits.

Other Unique Attractions:

  • Conference Center.
  • An imaginative place for meetings
  • Inspirers a sense of community ownership.
  • I MAX Theater.
  • Research Center.
  • Think-Tank Initiative.

Other Community Benefits:

  • Employment opportunities.
  • Local economic stimulus.
  • Attracts Tourism to the region.
  • Will establish a local landmark.
  • Serves as a gathering place for community events.
  • Promotes inter-generational and life-long learning.
  • Engages in active, ongoing partnerships with Schools, Universities and other institutions, organizations, and destinations throughout the Hudson Valley region.

Extended Mission

The focus of the American Sci-Tech is to create an innovative learning resource the children of the future and to provide tools and inspiration for a lifelong exploration of nature and humanity. Complementary goals for this project are to boost the economy of New York, attract tourism to the Hudson Valley, and support the education of our community’s children.

Extended Vision

It has been said, “What you do for yourself dies with you; but what you do for others is immortal.” We intend to make the American Science and Technology Center a world-class destination on everyone’s list of places to visit. Our displays and programs will appeal to the innate curiosity that we all possess, through state-of-the-art technology and hands on activities that will bring science to life for all of our visitors.

Our Quest

To engage people of all ages and backgrounds in science and technology experiences that educate, inform, provoke thought and inspire action. The Sci-Tech will do this through content and programs to inspire people, inventions and a mind-set that continues to make this region the leading source of science and technology innovation.

Our Values

As a National resource for science and technology education, we want all visitors to learn science through unique methods beyond the traditional textbook. We strive to encourage lifelong learning through interactive and innovative experiences that explore our changing world through science. We seek to develop the minds of future thinkers and inventors who will compete in the ever-expanding global marketplace for technology and innovation.


The future well-being of the United States depends upon continuing innovation in the development and use of advanced technologies. Essential to this progress is linkage between Science and Technology in the classroom and applications of technology in industry and everyday life. There is also a growing need for increased public awareness of the nature and significance of those technologies that are affecting life today and shaping the future.

  • Inspire students and teachers with hands-on exhibits and lab experiences with applications of technology from industry and everyday life.
  • Enable local families, individuals, and visitors from here and around the world to discover new insights into technology and the process of innovation through exploratory activities.