About Us


We have a 40 year track record of imaginative ways to learn. This unique attraction will offer a rare opportunity for lifelong learning, bridging the gap between book learning and real life experience. Families will be able to participate together in the wholesome, educational, and interactive adventure while discovering new and exciting dimensions in science.

All of these are being created in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York State. All will be amazed when this new fantastic attraction is experienced several years from now.

History of our Projects

  1. In 1995, the world’s first Spaceship Classroom was created, receiving over $2,000,000 in equipment from over 40 major corporate sponsors.
  2. In the year 2000 this evolved into the first prototype of the Spaceship Discovery Science Center.
  3. In 2003 came the second phase named the Spaceship Discovery Science Center with 10,000 sq ft. of exhibit space.
  4. Now we are reinventing ourselves again and in the planning the American Science and Technology Center; and within that the futuristic home of the new Spaceship Discovery World Showcase.
  5. The new Sci-Tech will house hands-on science exhibits, teachers’ programs, a cafe’, Science demonstrations, a gift shop, and high definition theaters. Spaceship Discovery will inspire children of all ages as they learn about science and the world around them.
  6. Our grand scheme will be unveiled at some point in the future. It consists of a World’s Fair showcase of Science and Technology code named “Star City”.

The Vision for our Creation

You may wonder if the Science Center is a tourist attraction, an educational institution or a theme park. The answer is it is all of these. We interpret this as another way to ask whether we are about having fun or learning something. Here, it is deliberately and passionately both! The Science Center is created by children, moms and dads, educators, business leaders, public officials and your own friends and neighbors to eviscerate the idea that learning is unpleasant, and that science is either impenetrable or unimportant in your life.

We hope to that you will be inspired by a visit to the Science Center as quality time to relax alone, or with your friends or family. And don’t be surprised if you come away reflecting on a recreational experience that made you see science as more approachable, more important, more interesting and more enjoyable.

Inside the Science Center, you will experience a wide spectrum of new interactive exhibits that involve you in everything from race cars to rocket ships, from brainwaves in your head to life on Mars and from strength in your muscles to wind in your sails. You’ll meet friendly people who are proud to welcome you and eager to help you have a great time and take home a new idea, and enough good memories to come back with your friends many times more.

And, during your visit, we invite you to browse through our “Hall of the Immortals”. This Virtual Reality experience will pay tribute to our all of those who have made this dream come true. Here you will see the names of the hundreds of people and organizations who made it possible to walk through these doors to fun and learning. Like you, they’re not all scientists. But they know that knowledge and science carry us forward. Their gift to all of us is a place where we are empowered to learn, enjoy, benefit from and contribute to science that’s for and about ourselves, our families, our community and our world.


Floyd T. Holt is the President/CEO of the new American Science and Technology Center: Home of the Spaceship Discovery World Showcase. For over 40 years he has been an award winning Physics Instructor and Educational Consultant in New York and the Nation. During this time an increasing passion for learning and discovery has evolved which he shares with everyone he meets. He believes that Now is the “Nexus” moment: a pivotal time to inspire the next generation of children and their teachers with his teacher training initiatives and Motivational seminars.

Restarting the Engine of Innovation

How do you get young people interested in science? Engage them!

With so many hands-on exhibits, a state-of-the-art 3D digital theater, educational labs, plus daily programs and events, the American Sci-Tech offers endless exploration for children, teens and adults. Every part ASTCNY will be at a visitor’s fingertips, from Physics to Forensics, Geology to Astronomy.

Our unique features will captivate millions of visitors over the years. The constant stream of visitors will mean business for New York hotels, restaurants and retailers year round.

The implications for science education in New York are just as promising as the economic benefits. The Science Center offers exciting tools to help educators and parents bring textbooks alive. Creating unforgettable experiences with science motivates students and visitors of all ages to enthusiastically embrace science at school, at home, and in their communities.

With an attraction of this magnitude, exhibits rivaling the most unique in the worlds, programs with the potential to become national models, partnerships with a range of educational organizations, and involvement from global business leaders and benefactors, the prospects are here for us to restart the Engine of Innovation in Dutchess County – the “Silicon Valley of the East”.

Media and purpose

Our projects to date have appeared on many national television programs including:CBS, NBC, The Disney Channel, The Discovery Channel, and MSNBC (which was broadcast for 250,000,000 people worldwide). We have been engaged in the process of creating this exciting new venture ever since receiving an initial grant from the White House.

Corporate Sponsorships

Over time we have been supported by over 40 major US Corporate Sponsors found on the Sponsorship link at www.astcny.org

Long term goals

The American Sci-Tech has 4 key long term goals that will enable us to fulfill our core mission:

  1. Sustainability. Sci-Tech  will be financially stable, enabling it to continuously update, upgrade and develop significant new attractions for sustainable customer flow and teacher education while sustaining normal operations as well as community outreach programs
  2. Education. We intend to significantly increase scientific literacy through community outreach programs, group visits to our museums, and structured follow-up to interested visitors. Our intention is to develop lifetime learners.
  3. Supporter Return on Investment. Individuals and organizations that support us will feel that they have made a sound investment of time and money. We will accomplish this by offering a variety of ways for our supporters to realize the return on their investment, including exhibit sponsorships, online recognition/promotion, event participation, and other publicity opportunities.
  4. Recognition. Those who have been part of the creation of the American Science and Technology Center will be honored in a special section of the Center called The Hall of the Immortals.

Meet Captain Holt and His Crew

Every year Floyd engaged his students in new and innovative class projects. These projects included holograms, murals, a walking robot, a giant carbon dioxide laser, a flying saucer, a spaceship car, ROBOTEACHER (a voice actuated teaching and learning station), a computer controlled android resembling the Terminator, and many others.

Spaceship Discovery

In 1995 they created the world’s first SPACESHIP CLASSROOM, which unified all these elements under a common theme. This creation later inspired the SPACESHIP DISCOVERY project, which has received over $2,000,000 worth of equipment from over 40 major corporate sponsors.


Floyd performed National Public Radio commercials for the Xerox Corporation with James Garner and John O’Hurley. He has received a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics from the White House and was recently inducted into, and now serves on the Board of Governors of, the National Teachers Hall of Fame.

Floyd and his colleagues and students appeared in many educational projects have been featured on many national television channels including CBS, NBC, The Disney Channel, The Discovery Channel, and MSNBC.


Among many other Testimonials we offer the following – According to Michael Eisner, CEO of the Disney Corporation, “Floyd Holt has created the method and the magic for teaching science.” As a scientist, inventor, photographer, author, musician, builder and president of a science museum, Floyd is continually searching for new visionaries who can inspire the next generation about the great promise of the future.